Kevin Riddick | Auto Lab Owner & Founder

Kevin Riddick | Auto Lab Owner & Founder

When I was just 13 years old I was putting engines in cars in my parents’ garage. I had a natural aptitude for mechanical systems and, after high school, went to work as an auto technician, learning how to repair and service cars professionally.

After six years as a technician, I bought a Snap-on franchise and began to save for my own auto repair shop while selling professional grade tools to other technicians.

In 1994, I opened Auto Lab at its current location on Milwaukee Avenue in Libertyville, and the company grew steadily through the years, picking up the pace in the mid 2000s. By 2009, I realized I needed a service manager, someone to guide business operations on a day-to-day business. My son, Sherman, was the clear choice. The inherent trust and buy-in factors from bringing my son on board were a given. Adding to that, Sherman is a natural people person and had been handling auto claims for Traveler’s Insurance, giving him some needed automotive knowledge.

When Sherman joined the team, we agreed that he would be the future owner, putting a second-generation succession plan in place and ensuring longevity for Auto Lab’s clients and the rest of our team.

Sherman’s already envisioning a family legacy and plans to pass the company to a third generation… someday. For now, he’s the smiling face you’ll see when you enter Auto Lab and the one who leads the way in making your experience with us about you, not about your car.

The next time you need an oil change or have that “Check Engine Light” pop on, I invite you to give us a try.

Kevin Riddick
Owner & Founder