3 Signs You Need Your Brake Pads Replaced

3 Signs You Need Your Brake Pads Replaced

While brakes don’t propel you to your destination, they allow you to drive safely and lawfully on your way there. Brake pads, which contact your car’s rotors when you press the brake pedal, can wear, diminishing your overall ability to maneuver your car. To catch wear before it becomes extreme, you must keep up with brake pad maintenance. To learn more about the signs you need your brake pads replaced, read on.

Squealing and Grinding When You Brake

First, you can listen for an indication that your brake pads have worn down. If you hear a squealing sound when you brake, it could be a sign of brake deterioration. This isn’t a certainty—brakes also can squeal when rain or snow is present too. If you’re unsure, listen to see if the sound persists in several different driving conditions. If it does, you’ll likely need to replace your brake pads. Also, listen for a grinding sound when braking. This also indicates significant wear, and if left unaddressed, this grinding can damage your rotors and lead to an expensive repair.

Your Brake Pedal Vibrates When Used

A brake pedal that vibrates when pressed indicates you may need your brakes replaced. Producing a similar sensation to when your anti-lock braking engages, your brake pedal vibrates if your rotors grind upon braking. Often this grinding vibration occurs with a squealing or grinding sound. This is another sure sign you need to see a mechanic.

Your Indicator Light Turns On

While you hear squealing or grinding and feel vibrations, you may also see an indicator light on your dashboard that signals your brake pads have heavy wear. This symbol is a circle with curved lines on either side, and it sometimes features an exclamation point. When it comes on, it could signal either a loss of brake pad tread or brake fluid, which the car exhausts quicker when brake pads wear. Either way, you’ll need to replace your brake pads.

Addressing Your Brake Pads

Perhaps the most direct way to determine whether you need to replace your brake pads is by physically checking how thick your brake pads are. If they are one-quarter inch thick or less, they need a replacement. If you need help determining whether your brake pads are thick enough or if you already know your car needs servicing, get in touch with Auto Lab. We’re a trusted auto repair company in Libertyville, IL, that provides quality car care to customers we value. Give us a call or visit our Libertyville location to learn more about how we can help improve the performance of your car.

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