Auto Lab Owner Kevin Riddick inspecting the tire tread on a client's Jeep

Auto Lab’s Top 5 Auto Repair Articles from 2016

Why buy tires from Auto Lab instead of a discount tire store?Top 40 radio has its “best of 2016” music tribute. Various news outlets will have their take on the top news stories of the year. And we’d like to share our top 5 auto repair articles from last year:

  1. Why Buy Tires from Auto Lab Instead of a Discount Tire Store: Are you on the hunt for a good deal when it comes to tires? Find out how buying tires from Auto Lab saves you money in the long run.
  2. What are the True Costs of Buying a New Car? We understand the allure of a shiny new car, complete with that new car smell and all the latest technical gadgets. But the cost of a new car quickly surpasses the auto repair costs on your current car. Here is a list of trusted resources to help you make an informed buying decision.
  3. 5 Worthy Road Trips Within a Day’s Drive of Chicago: While we’re a long way from warm weather, perhaps you are ready to make plans now for Summer 2017. Or if you have a hankering for winter travel, consider these Midwest Winter Getaways to Warm Your Spirits.
  4. Save yourself from an auto repair emergency: Know what to do if one of these warning lights comes onWhat Do These Dashboard Warning Lights Mean? More importantly, what should do you if one comes on? In this “what to do” guide, we address the most common dashboard lights and how you should respond. Knowing the difference between a “it’s cold outside” notice and a low oil pressure light can mean the difference between driving smarter and avoiding a roadside breakdown.
  5. Put the Brakes on Car Care Costs: We know it’s a lot more enjoyable to spend money on a new gadget or dining out than it is to spend money on auto repair and car ownership. Here are some tips for cutting costs without cutting corners.

Do you have any topics you want to read about in 2017? Let us know!

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