Car-themed holiday gift ideas for every driver on your list

Gas gift card | Auto Lab Libertyville IL‘Tis the season to start digging into that holiday shopping list! This year, we’re sensing a gift-giving theme—and it’s centered around our favorite four-wheeled tool.

Researchers estimate that the average driver spends 90 minutes in his or her car each day. Make every journey that much more pleasant with some key car-themed treats this holiday season:

For the true gearhead: Driving gloves
Every drive feels a little bit more sophisticated when driving gloves are involved. An added bonus? They’re a lifesaver during those bone-cold Illinois winters.

For the pamperer: Car detailing gift certificate
Everyone deserves a treat now and then… and the same goes for their car. You might not be able to buy your loved one a brand new vehicle, but this will feel like the next best thing.

For the directionally challenged: Phone cradle
Eliminate driver distractions and keep your GPS at-the-ready with a phone cradle. New innovative designs make it simple to drive safely – and prevent getting lost along the way.

For the new driver: Gas gift card
Full tank? Check. Road trip destination? Done. When you’re covering fuel, your loved one can start planning their next big adventure.

For the practicalist: Car charger
Your favorite driver will never be fighting against the “10% battery” notification on their phone again.

From a shiny exterior to a smoother drive, you’ve got every motorhead on your gift list covered.

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