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Bad Fuel Pump, Fuel Pressure Sensor Can Trigger ‘Check Engine’ Light, P0087 Code

Your car’s “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” light can flash on for more than 1,400 different reasons. The light is part of your vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD) system and can indicate anything from a loose gas cap to a major repair like a catalytic converter. Here’s another example of a problem that can trigger the light…

Trouble Code: P0087 Fuel Rail/System Pressure – Too Low

Some vehicles are equipped with a returnless fuel supply. This means the fuel pump can vary its speed to deliver fuel as needed, rather than running constantly at a steady speed.

There is a sensor on the fuel rail that monitors fuel pressure and determines if the vehicle needs more or less fuel. When your vehicle’s Engine Control M (ECM) records a code of P0087, it means the fuel pressure in the system is below specification.

Symptoms of a P0087 diagnostic trouble code may include a misfire because of a lean fuel condition, and the vehicle might run rough or lack power on acceleration.

Possible Causes:

  • Weak fuel pump, clogged filter or screen, restricted fuel supply line
  • Faulty fuel pump driver module
  • Faulty fuel pressure sensor

Possible Solutions:

  • Test fuel pressure at the fuel rail or line
  • Inspect all fuel lines
  • Check for damaged fuel filter
  • Check for damage to the fuel tank

What To Do When Your ‘Check Engine’ Light Comes On

When your Service Engine Soon light turns on, you won’t know whether it’s because of a P0087 or a completely different issue. The first thing we advise is confirming that it is the ‘Service Engine’ or ‘Check Engine’ light. If you’re not sure, consult your owner’s manual.

If it is the engine light, see if the gas cap is to blame. Check to make sure the gas cap is tight and that there’s no rust or debris preventing it from sealing. If that all checks out and the light doesn’t turn off within the next several miles, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with Auto Lab for further testing. We’ll be able to retrieve the code(s) and perform pinpoint testing to zero in on the actual culprit. From there, we can provide an accurate cost estimate for the repair.

See our detailed guide on how to respond when a dashboard warning light turns on.

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