Why Auto Lab offers better oil changes than a low-cost quick lube

Why Auto Lab in Libertyville offers better oil changes for your buck than a quick lube or low-priced oil change stationQuestion: A lot of quick lubes advertise oil changes for $9.95, $12.95 and other super low prices. Why should I pay more for an oil change at Auto Lab?

Answer: Changing the oil in your vehicle is the single most important maintenance service you can do. Even though it may seem like an oil change is the same whether you go to a quick lube or to Auto Lab, that’s not always the case.

Here are 6 reasons why it’s worth every dollar to have your car’s oil changed at Auto Lab in Libertyville:

  1. You’ll leave knowing your car’s overall condition. Your car will receive a comprehensive inspection during our an oil change at Auto Lab, and then we’ll help prioritize any repair or maintenance needs you may have.
  2. You won’t have to buy a new air filter every visit. Some bargain oil change lanes try to sell you a new air filter every time you’re in. After all, they have to make up for that low-priced oil change somewhere. We recommend an air filter only when you actually need one.
  3. You’re buying high quality oil and oil filter. You’d be amazed at the difference between a bargain basement oil filter and a higher priced one. The filter has an extremely important job: It traps dirt, debris and metal particles that contaminate the oil as it ages and keeps them from circulating through the engine passages. If the filter “fills up” before your next oil change, it can’t take in any more contaminates. Instead, they’ll bypass the filter and continue to circulate. This can prematurely wear your engine from the inside out. Given their important role, we think it’s worth the few extra dollars on a quality oil filter.
  4. You have immediate access to a full-service auto repair shop. If our inspection reveals a repair or maintenance need, we can take care of it on the spot. If you go to a quick lube, you have to take your car out of there and schedule another appointment to take it in for service.
  5. Your oil will be changed by a professional, experienced automotive technician, not a newbie or hobbyist.
  6. You can borrow one of our free loaner cars or take a ride in our customer shuttle van if you don’t want to wait for your oil change.
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