Traveling by car for Thanksgiving? Schedule a pre-trip check 1 week ahead

Schedule your pre-trip vehicle inspection 1 to 2 weeks before heading out of town for Thanksgiving. Here's why.

Schedule your pre-trip vehicle inspection 1 to 2 weeks before heading out of town for Thanksgiving. Here’s why.

We want to make sure you get over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house — without needing to call a tow truck.

If you’re heading out of town and haven’t had your vehicle inspected in awhile, please do yourself and your family a favor and schedule an oil change or vehicle inspection with your team at Auto Lab. We’ll make sure the fluids are topped off, the tires are in tip-top shape, the brakes are in good order, and we’ll ensure there’s no sign of a repair issue that’s likely to cause an unwanted pit stop.

The best time to schedule a trip check is a week or two before you leave.

Here’s why:

  1. You’ll be sure to get an appointment time that’s convenient for you. Scheduling an appointment a week or two before Thanksgiving will ensure that you can schedule at a time that’s convenient for you and that it doesn’t become part of your last-minute, pre-trip preparation frenzy. Thanksgiving is one of the biggest driving holidays in the country. Plan now and get a jump start on the other motorists who are going to be looking for last-minute appointments the week before Thanksgiving.
  2. You want to make sure there’s enough time to complete any necessary repairs. While most repairs can be completed the same day, there are some major repairs that can take a handful of days, such as replacing the transmission or a head gasket. And even on everyday repairs, like new brakes, you want some wiggle room in case there are any parts delays or other complications.
  3. You want to drive the vehicle around town for a a few days after the repairs. Occasionally, mistakes are made or parts fail (no matter how high quality they are). And it might take a few days to be confident that some problems, especially ones that had been occurring only occasionally, have been diagnosed and repaired properly. It’s smart to make sure you have time after the repairs to drive around town and make sure those new brakes are stopping smoothly or those new tires are balanced properly.

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